Solar Panel Bird Proofing Services In Belfast

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Slate & Tile Roofing

A slate or tiles roof is a water tight feature to any property. As soon as one of the tightly locked slates or tiles becomes broken, damaged or dislodged it can quickly become an issue.

Have you noticed a damp patch on your ceiling or at the top of your walls?

This can quickly be a key symptom of a slate or roof tile needing replaced.

Our slate and tile roofers have the skills to complete roofing to the highest standards whether a minor broken slate/tile or complete roof refurbishment.

All completed roof refurbishments come with a 15 year guarantee.

Roof slate

Dry Verge & Dry Ridge Systems

These systems help prevent potential wall staining & dampness, They are also created from state of the art plastic materials whilst also being compatible with an extended range of tile profiles and are also available in a selection of popular colors

Solar Panels Bird Proofing

Solar panels make a great space for the likes of pigeons to make a new home, at Reliable Roofing we offer services that will help prevent those pests from making a new home using the likes of mesh wire to bird proof your solar panel. Feel free to get in touch to get more information on this service.


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